Two week hiatus is over!

28 Jun

Okay, so I haven’t blogged in more than a week. Actually, more like two, going on three weeks. Bad blogger! Heres a quick recap…

I’ve been doing things like:

Baking/Filling orders… yessss!

Nutella with white chocolate

English Toffee Cake Bites

S'more Cake Bites

Spinning is a drug and I am addicted! I started a couple of weeks ago and really dislike going more than a day without it. I’ve actually broken plans just so I can make a class. Eeeks!

Concerts at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Now all you stalkers know I’m from Orange County. Great. Anyways, I went twice this month! Once with work friends to see our friend’s amaaazing band, The Steelwells. Click on the link and listen. Now. Click on the picture for more info!

I went a second time and reconnected with an old friend. The band kinda creeped me out, so I’m not going to even mention their name, but the convo was good and the old friend was cute. Like, really cute. Will discuss at another time.

Hung out with cute, old friend the next night. Btw, I am still thinking of a name for this friend. Will decide tomorrow! Can you really think of anything more romantic than having a boy cook for you? Especially when they cook well? Yummm.

Saw Toy Story 3 in Disney 3D. Loved it! Especially the Barbie and Ken scenes!

Museum with same cute boy. Hmmm… Learned about the Silk Road and my favorite, the art of the Pacific Islands. Also realized that every culture is really inspired by/enjoyed creating ummm, phallic symbols.

True Blood. Pure hotness.

Beaching. Tanning. Burning.

Almost finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. I loved this book at first, got kinda bored when she went to India, and wasn’t too excited about the Bali part. But now, LOVE again.

♥ Heather



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  1. Friends, meet friends. Friends, meet Vietnamese food… and Gelato! « YummySheBaked - July 7, 2010

    […] 7 Jul Okay, so my friends Quan and Jose (can I use your real names? Please and thank you!) have been trying to get together for months now to try “the best rice ever”. It’s always been a “oh yeah, we have to do this” kinda thing… you know, the kind that never gets done. Well, the stars were aligned this Monday because we all had the afternoon off! I brought along the cute boy from a couple blogs ago. […]

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