“She was what we used to call a suicide blonde – dyed by her own hand.” Saul Bellow

19 Jul

I know this blog is supposed to be about my road to culinary school, but it’s also about my life and things I hold near and dear to my heart. One of my absolute favorite things in the whole wide world is my hair. It’s been a life long obsession. My natural hair color is blonde:) Obviously, by natural I mean the color I had for my first few months of life, not the brown with natural blonde highlights it transformed to as I got older. Oh well.

Anyways, I’ve done about a zillion and a half things to it. Which means, I’ve had my fair share of horror stories. My mother decided to trim my thick, waist long hair when I was about five, resulting in mid-length hair because she “couldn’t get the lines straight”. It was basically a diagonal mess. My first highlighting experience looked like skunk streaks, and then there was that year I went brunette and dyed my hair from a box to save money. After disapproving of one of my student’s goal to dye her hair pink when she grew up, she exclaimed, “But your hair is maroooon”. Yikes! I went back to my hair stylist after that.

But, nothing will ever, EVER come close to the year my great grandma and aunt decided to take me to get my hair cut. I was in first grade. My thick hair was down to my waist, again. When I say thick, I mean you could barely touch your thumb and middle fingers if you held it in one hand. Well, needless to say, I suffered from migraines. My grandma and aunt thought they were being helpful when they took me to their stylist and asked for the short cut my 40-year-old aunt was sporting. I cried, my mother was beyond livid and my little sis had a good time kicking me when I was down. I wore a giant winter coat to school that Monday and refused to take off the cap. It was almost summer and I was mortified!

Well, since then my hair and I have had a love/hate relationship. My hair has been

These pictures were taken in a span of two years. I love you hair! Not only have I had all shades of the above colors, but I’ve also had short side bangs, long side bangs, thick side bangs, chin length, shoulder length and long hair. There was a time I washed, blow-dryed and straightened it into submission every.single.day. I was a hair murderer! But, it was done out of love. I was young and didn’t know any better!

So, for the past two years my goal has been to grow out my hair really long- like elbow length. This time I want to do it the healthy and right way. That means using really good products (Pureology, Aveda, Joico, Biolage… ). I really dislike those girls who have like, super long hair, but it’s really nappy or frizzy or disgusting. I also really dislike girls with long, thin hair. Ewww siiiick!  What are you thinking? The more body and volume the better! Staying away from heat is definitely a hard one… Straightening, curling or  blow drying is just unavoidable.

Anyways, there are two Youtube girls who I absolutely love!!! Dara from BelleDuJourNYC is like a beauty fanatic. She has the most beautiful hair ever… I want it! She doesn’t really give hair tutorials (awesome make-up tutorials, though), but she gives the BEST beauty reviews- I seriously buy almost everything she recommends. Check out her video about the hair products she uses:

I also love Jess at LolaMarie7. There are a ton of youtube hair tutorial videos. But Jess is the best! Please don’t think I’m shallow, but I kinda feel like if you’re going to be watching a video about beauty, you should want your hair to look like the person doing it. The teacher should look the part. It’s kinda like when you’re shopping- are you going to take fashion advice from a girl who obviously doesn’t have a clue? No. Never. Anyways, I knew Jess was my favorite because she loves big hair! And she dislikes curly, crunchy hair! I seriously did all of her up-do hair styles for my serving job- side braid, side swept pony, puffy pony, etc.- and got compliments daily. Plus she’s hilarious and super sassy. Love!

♥ Heather


One Response to ““She was what we used to call a suicide blonde – dyed by her own hand.” Saul Bellow”

  1. B. August 10, 2010 at 6:59 PM #

    I’ve been there! I’ve actually written a post about my hair love/hate story, as well! Throughout the years, my hair has been terrible and then great and then the exact same for 7 years until recently! It’s funny how we all go through a hair journey. I wish my hair would grow long like you’re trying to do, but it pretty much stops at mid-back. But I do think you look great with all of the different hair color (even maroon)! My fave is actually the black, though!

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