Bootlegger’s Brewery, Boat Races, Crawfish and Baseball!

11 Aug

You know those people who come back from awesome vacations and automatically update their Facebook status to something like, “I need a vacation from my vacation” or “Super fun vacation, but I’m exhausted!” And then you see the breathtaking pictures or videos of them lounging by the crystal clear water, sipping Tequila Sunrises and dancing with hot foreign guys? And you’re like, happy because they definitely deserved the break, but also (slightly) want to punch them in the arm (softly of course) because how could anyone come back from that awesomeness and then say anything even a little bit negative about their experience? I mean really, do they have to rub it in?

Umm yeah, well I hate to be that person, but my weekend was super fun. And it took me 24 hours to recover. It was just three days, but oh my gosh did it feel like a week! People say that time flies when you’re having fun and goes super slowly when you’re not. However, this is one of those cases when time seriously complied with my wishes and stood still when I wanted it to. There were times on Saturday when I thought to myself, “What day did I do this?” Only to realize that it was done less than ten hours before! Oh, and lucky for you my camera is no longer in the Geek Squad Emergency Room so I have original pictures! Pictures I took myself! Pictures I didn’t have to beg the Super Cute Boyfriend to take with his awesome Blackberry! You can punch me now.


Okay, so we went to one of the local micro breweries, Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton. I first heard about this place about a year ago, after taking a Beer and Culture class in college (I needed some fun classes after all those clinical psych courses, ya know?). Anyways, I was super excited because although I don’t really consider myself a “beer girl”, I find that I’m often surprised by how complex and yummy beer can sometimes be! Of course, I had no idea what to order, so took the bartender’s (brewmaster’s? beer expert’s?) advice and ordered the flights. Best. Idea. Ever! My absolute fav was this:

We also had a beer that is 10.00% ABV, the Knuckle Sandwich. TEN PERCENT! AKA dangerous! Why and how do people drink this? It was good, but I’d seriously have to be cut off after one!

So after Bootlegger’s we had to race over to Roman Cucina for dinner with some very important people. They have a few locations throughout Orange County, but I always love/recommend the Fullerton one. Maybe because it was often my home on Mondays and Wednesdays? Maybe because they are like the Abercrombie and Fitch of the local restaurants? Honestly, this place ONLY hires really good looking male servers. Or maybe it’s just because I really, truly love their Eggplant Parmigiana. It’s the only thing I have ever, and probably will ever order. Delish! Love the ambiance and the service is always great! Go!


I really don’t know that much about boats. To me, an awesome boat is usually the prettiest, sparkliest and cleanest one I see. However, after going to the boat races in Long Beach, I can definitely say that along with wanting a pretty, sparkly and clean boat, I also want a super loud and fast boat. Ah, someday!

After the boat races we went to the Crawfish Festival at the Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach.

Have you ever had crawfish??? Super Cute Boy and his friend, Justin, are like, obsessed with it! There were a bunch of vendors, but only one line for crawfish. Which is kinda genius of them because I seriously wanted to try every food we passed while in line.


Cajun Fries




Aaaaaand, last but not least… GATOR!



Cute Boy and Justin!

This was my very first time eating gator. It was kinda chewy, but tasted and looked like popcorn chicken. I think I’d definitely try it again!

Finally, the crawfish were ready…

Cooking. Sad.

Corn, potatoes and crawfish!

Yum yum yum!

Look at this face... Cute Boy!

Digging in!

That night we got cute and went to Main Street in Huntington Beach. The US Open of Surfing was going on that weekend. I don’t really feel like posting any pictures of it, but it was fuuuun! We met people from all over the world!


Very first baseball game this summer! I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but every single time I go to an L.A. sports event, the team ends up losing. There were a few minutes when I thought the curse was coming back, but in the end the Dodgers won!!!! Yay! The curse is gone! Knock on wood.

First, we went to Philippe’s, the place where French Dipped Sandwiches were born. Justin took this picture of the crowd. You need to message me for details about him because he’s seriously an awesome photographer and needs to go to photography school NOW! Here’s a link to some of his skills on Facebook… Don’t creep though because that would be totally weird.


In line with all the other Dodger fans

Pickles, Coleslaw and Potato Salad

Pickled Eggs! I was too scared to try...

The food is ready!

Don't be deceived... This mustard is sinus clearing!

Look at my shirt! Isn’t it so cute? Victoria’s Secret is awesome! That is, until you get harassed by some crazy LA Dodger fan while on the way to the ladies room. Ewww. Gross.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

♥ Heather

P.S. Justin is single and new to southern California. Message me for details!


One Response to “Bootlegger’s Brewery, Boat Races, Crawfish and Baseball!”

  1. B. September 8, 2010 at 7:37 PM #

    OMG I would’ve inhaled EVERYTHING! I love festival food and can throw down on some local fare. Yum!

    Glad to hear your vacation was so fun (and exhausting) that you need a whole ‘nother one! I personally think those are the best ones. ^_^


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