Some sorta crazy talk

27 Apr

It’s amazing how the universe has a way of giving you exactly what you want. How all things, just kinda work out. Maybe mistakes were made. Maybe, in some ways you’ve wished you could hold on to parts of that old you. Trust instincts. Trust uncertainty. Risky decisions can transform you into exactly the type of person you never thought you could be. Doors can open that you never knew existed. Relationships you thought would last a lifetime could end, but others, strong ones, grow in their place. New hopes, new dreams. 

About a year ago I started a blog about my journey to culinary school. I wrote a ton about my stresses, my excitement and the changes I was going through. And then once I got there, I stopped writing. Ooops! The truth is, I just couldn’t find my voice. Just knowing that my classmates, all foodies, were possibly going to stumble upon the Facebook link was completely nerve racking. After the early jitters went away, well… I kinda just got lazy! Not like, oh, I’m stuffing my face with Ben and Jerry’s while watching Lifetime in my pj’s till 2pm on an Sunday lazy… But, more like, school eats half my day so pj’s, drinks, pillows and a girls night sound faaabulous! 

This year has been a crazy one. I moved from the Orange County bubble to the smallest town in the whole world, to go to a school I had never seen, but knew through reputation. I left a great job, friends, family, a boyfriend and security. It was the best risk I have ever taken. I’ve made the most amazingly weird friends, tried the most delish food, ate entirely waaay too much of this delish food, and followed my passion. And now I live in San Francisco! Ah! Pinch me now, and hard. Right now, thank you.

I’m not going to say “I’m back” or that I’m going to start writing more, because, who knows? And honestly, who even reads this thing anyways? It’s seriously amazing to me that I actually have page views! Mom? Stalker? But, I will say that I’m sincerely grateful for the awesomeness of the universe. I’m thankful for the experiences it has given me and for the people it has connected me with. It’s like, got my back, yo. 


One Response to “Some sorta crazy talk”

  1. Mama April 27, 2011 at 9:54 PM #

    It sounds like you have a chronic case of…’optimismitis’- jes, it’s ah word!
    It’s an inflammation that causes the state of hopefulness, confidence about the future and the positive outcome of anything. Jes, darling, ju suffer from this. I must say, I hope you don’t find a cure. (:

    But, better ju have ‘optimismitis’ than ‘flatitis’; leveled or flatness; usually found on the top of the head. In other words, flat hair.

    I believe in ya- always have. Sending you huge hugs and 10 million Latin kisses…”Te Amo”. Mama.

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