I’ve been busy not being busy…

29 Aug

The last week at home has been super relaxing! What is it about home that makes you eat way too much and relax more than you should? You would think I would have gotten a post or two in, but yeaaah… doing nothing is harder than it sounds.

I started off seeing the very end of my little bro’s football scrimmage. Ah, he’s so tall and strong now but I still want to grab his cheeks and kiss him! I’m crazy in love and just can’t help it.

The adorable cheerleaders made cake pops. They were only a dollar so we had to get them. 

After the game I had tacos. And then my momma bought ribs. I didn’t want to eat them but the meat was seriously falling off the bone. So super delish.

Tired little football player after a long game and too much food. I want to pinch him.

I saw this with my long time guy friend, who (crossing my fingers) is going to road trip with me back to Napa. It’s pretty cute… go see! 

I also drove for the first time in almost five months. Which should be scary if you know about my lack of driving skills, but I think it has really turned me into a more cautious driver. Maybe? Going over 60 makes me search for cops and I’ve finally started to slow down when I see a yellow light. But, yeaahh… California rolls and constant mirror checking (as in, checking myself in the mirror) have not/will not leave my system.   

Oh! I’ve also been cooking/baking a ton. Actual food post coming soon!

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