Bruxies, Gyros and Loukoumades at the Orange Street Fair!

4 Sep

It’s Labor Day! And that means the Orange International Street Fair is here. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Orange County during the long weekend. If you’ve never been to the Orange Circle, imagine a plaza in the center, surrounded by antique shops, art galleries, restaurants, bars, old-fashioned homes and pretty gardens. Basically one of the cutest downtown “Main Streets”.

Well, every Labor Day weekend the circle gets transformed. The streets radiating out of the circle become filled with vendors and food from all over the world. The past few years I have stuck mostly to, ahem, trying all the different beer offered and dancing to Irish music. But, this year we decided to try the food too! 

First stop!

Irish sausages, teriyaki skewers, and gyros!

I’m not really a fried food kinda girl. It just doesn’t feel… clean? Tempura? No thanks. Fries? I’d rather have them baked. Chips? Donuts? Mmm I can do without. There’s just something about food cooked in hot oil that makes my stomach turn. Oh, and what it does to my energy and mood!

That being said, we passed by this booth on Greek Street. After seeing the enormous line, we had to see what all the fuss was. I was kinda hesitant at first, but the crowd was enthusiastic. “These aren’t donuts! They’re bursts of delicious!” one man corrected me.

Well? Sweet Heaven, I love you. They’re basically a sweet fried dough that is rolled in honey and cinnamon, then dusted with powdered sugar. When you bite into one, it literally feels like honey is bursting in your mouth. Amazing. So amazing that my friend yelled, “Five second rule!” and stuffed one in his mouth after he had dropped it on the ground. THE GROUND. They are definitely on my to-do list!

On the way to the car, we stopped by Bruxie. It was my first time, but our friend is a veteran.

They make sweet and savory waffle sandwiches… perfect for the Chapman College students across the street, or an after hours snack. Everything from prosciutto and Gruyère, to bacon, egg and cheddar. They even serve vegetarian and gluten-free options. I had to eeny-meeny-miny-moe the S’more and Nutella and banana sandwiches!

I’m not a soda drinker. My mom told us it was poison and never bought it, so now it makes my tummy hurt. But, they make their own with cane sugar! The boys say it tastes great! P.S. look at the powdered sugar on my friend’s nose.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle Bruxie. Served with chili honey and coleslaw

Belgium chocolate, graham cracker & toasted marshmallow

We left with very satisfied tummies!

♥ Heather


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