Karaoke Thursdays!

22 Sep

Thursday karaoke nights are sort of a ritual up here. School is super competitive and strict, so Thursday is our day to let loose. We’re all AM students so that often means getting to the bar at 9pm and leaving right before 11… or staying way too late and regretting it the next day:)

Last week was our very first Thursday back at school, so of course we had to show off our dancing and singing skills to all the new kids! We have class a full 1.5 hours later than usual, so we closed the place down. Here’s a picture of the last Thursday we were all together… five whole months ago!

I miss Chrissy:( She graduated earlier this year… You can’t see her face bc she’s laughing, but she’s in my Facebook profile picture towards the top of the page.

This isn’t everyone… some weren’t 21 yet and I didn’t go to the very, very last Thursday before externship. But, we’re back and everyone is of age! Horray!


*Jordan isn’t in the picture because sometimes she’s a very early sleeper.*

We danced our booties off! I retired from karaoke last October (Shout is a lot harder to sing than you would think) but had no problem singing all my favorite songs… who needs a mic? I also jumped. A lot. Eeeks! 

Can’t wait for many more Thursdays with these ladies!

♥ Heather


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